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The Perfect Pig Names for Your Porcine Friend

So, you’re a pet pig’s proud new parent and on the quest for the perfect name. Well, you’re in luck! We’ve scoured the web and found the most adorable, unique, and hilarious names to help you find the perfect moniker for your new friend.

Adorable Pig Names

If you’re looking for a name as cute as your piggy, there are plenty of options. Some favorites From ” Lifewithpigs ” include Adeline, Ajna, Bella, Charlotte, Cinnamon, Cupcake, Daisy, Dolly, and Ellie. Consider Ember, Moonbeam, Mustard, or Mango from GrammarVocab if you want something more unique.

Southern Charm Pig Names

Southern Living suggests names like Abraham, Ace, Amelia, Babe, Betty Lou, Bubba, or Buttercup for those who want their pig’s name to have a touch of southern charm. These combinations have a classic, timeless appeal that suits any pig.

Punny Pig Names

If you love a good pun, why not incorporate it into your pig’s name? The Spruce Pets has excellent suggestions, like Hermione Hamhock, Hamlet, Jimmy Dean, Kevin Bacon, Porkchop, or Chewbacon. These names are sure to give everyone a chuckle and make your pet the life of the party.

Tough and Sassy Pig Names

Mom Loves Best suggests ideas like Brutus, Alexander, Caesar, Legend, or Rocky for those who see their pig as a tough little character. If you prefer something softer, consider sweet names like Peaches.

Traditional Pig Names

You can’t go wrong with a traditional pig name. According to Ranker, names like Oinkers, Hambone, Babe, Miss Piggy, and others have stood the test of time and are always a solid choice,


Naming your new piggy friend is fun and exciting. Whether you choose something cute, punny, traditional, or unique, remember that the best name fits your pig’s unique personality and makes you smile whenever you say it. Happy naming!

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